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It is known world wide that a country is measured by the way that country values her older people.All of a sudden, black South Africans treat their older people as if they should have never ecxsisted.Young males who have contacted HIV/AIDS turn around and rape the older people with a myth that they will get cured of the disease.They do not just end there, but they go on and rape the toddlers.This is our concern as Muthande society for the aged because though our aim was to assist the older people and assist them to enjoy theirĀ  twilight years gracefully, we find them being raped and abused by men as young as their grand children.Some do not want the things that happened to them reported to the police. We find this very disturbing and binding.The perpetrators will go on doing these crimes for ever.Where has UBUNTU gone to? why should these people destroy our older people?


Hello world!

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